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      Shandong Fang Xin Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. , established in 2001, is an integrated amusement park equipment manufactory with the ability to design, produce and sell large, medium, & small rides. (originally we were called Zibo Fang Xin Heavy Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. At that time we were specialized in heavy machine processing, heavy plug weld molded, heavy processing on motor body for tool and steam ship. We are one of the most famous heavy industry enterprises in our country. We own numbers of "crane trolley" with the crane capacity of "150/50T, 125/32T, 50/16T and 16T, etc.) Our factory holds the Type Class-A manufacture license of special equipment. Also we own a high-qualified modern workshop, advanced equipments for production and detection, professional team of design, production and service, scientific management system and perfect quality-guarantee system. So that, we are authorized to be the member of “China Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (CAAPA) and the vice-president unit of “Nanping Amusement Industry Association.

      +86 533-3980309 /3980212

      Manager Zhang:
      +86 13505332063

      +86 533-3980212



      East of Huaguang Road, Zhangdian District, Zibo City, Shandong Province

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